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Monday, 14 December 2009

Stainless Steel Column Stalks

Ian H has upgraded the column stalks on his AK to Stainless Steel from the orginal Rover SD1 items, here's how he did it:

This upgrade is based on the details and drawings produced by Craig Theobold (Craggle on the UK Cobra Club Forum)  for upgrading the Ford sierra Column Stlaks on a Dax, which can be found here.

For the AK conversion from rover SD1 column stalks you will need the following:

Part number 001, 2 required. I got these machined up bu a local machinist who only charged mr £10 each as a favour.

Part number 002, 2 required. I got the tube off e-bay (10mm OD X 8mm ID 316 Stainless Steel Tube X 500mm) from this seller.

Two off M3x8 stainless steel grub screws.

Two off push button switches, RS Part number 103-5726 - £2.50 from RS Components

Two springs cut down to suit, RS part number 751-590 - These are £14 for a pack of 10 from RS components but I found an appropriate spring from work.

For the Inicator and Horn Stalk:
Remove the cover:.....

..... and remove the stalk:

Next, cut the stalk down to leave a stub approximately 40mm long like this (The part circled in red):

Then chop open the original push switch, on the end inside you will see a small tube:

This will need to be ground down and pushed into the end of the 10mm tube - drill and tap a hole about 15mm from the end m3 thread this then pushes over the existing stalk:

The wires are then pushed down the tube till they come out of the end (see pictures below), you then have to solder the wires to where the existing wires connected on the back of the plastic housing.

The stalk is held in place by the 3mm grub screw which goes through the 10mm stalk and the insert and then tightens on the existing stalk:

For the push end of the stalk the switch is inserted in the end of the stainless tube first then a spring is cut to push the aluminium ends back away from the switches. The ends are held in place with an M3 grub screw and some thread lock.

Note that you may have to trim the plastic around the switch to get it to fit inside the 10mm stainless steel tube.
For the Washer stalk:

This is the same except the unit is sealed:

After cutting the existing stalk and preparing like above the wires are pushed down the hole and you will need to pull them out of the back of the switch:

Then push over the existing stalk and fasten like above with the stalk held in place by the 3mm grub screw which goes through the 10mm stalk and the insert and then tightens on the existing stalk

And here's the finsihed stalks:

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